StanceView Blog #1

Welcome to the first post of the StanceView Blog. This will serve as a way to keep up with what is going on with the site and new stuff. First and foremost, my name is Kaleb and I’m from Illinois. Im a car-guy through and through and drive a 2003 BMW M3 Vert as a daily driver. As a “broke college student” with an M3 I don’t have much money for mods although the modified vehicle culture really interests me. Something I’ve noticed is a lot of people are curious about how certain vehicles are setup, but aimlessly ask questions all over the place. Not to mention, this is usually to owners that have been asked this same question a thousand times. To end this mess I’ve put up as a way to:

  1. Find out the specs of your favorite builds

  2. Look at some badass rides

  3. Connect with likeminded people in the worlds vast car community

So be sure to check out the galleries, as of now it’s mostly E46 M3s as I started this experiment with my home forums. Had some people interested in the idea so I’d like to expand it to other car communities as well. Thanks for checking out the site and submit your own unique setup!


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