2000 Honda S2000 on Rays ZE40s

Wheels – Rays ZE40

17×10 +40 (Square)

Tires – Nitto NT05

255/40r17 (Square)

Suspension – Ohlins DFV Coilovers,  Hardrace endlinks

Misc. – Full js racing intake headers exhaust, Renegade oil catch can & coolant reservoir, APR gt250 67″ wing, K1 lab duckbill, Csg tails, Recaro spg pro racer, Recaro pro fi dog, Takata 6 points, Balladesports roll cage, Craftsquare mirrors, Authentic spoon discontinued hood, Voltex front bumper with Canards, Spoon fenders, Ap2 rear bumper, Fender roll and pull rear, Balladesports built engine

Sponsors & Photography – Sudzbox
Photo: empiremedia

Location – Los Angeles, CA

Instagram – @dan_often

Build Story – Back when I had a basic nissan 350z, I always had a passion for the Honda s2000 but I never had enough funds to get one. When I finally saved up enough to find a good clean ap1, I sold the 350z and bought the most basic clean title s2000 I could find. Ever since than, the upgrades had just been coming along slowly but surely. We car guys say we are done with moddifying our cars, but in the end we will never be finished. There’s always something to do to every car.

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