2014 Ford Focus ST on XXR 527s

Wheels – XXR 527

18×9 et15 (Square)

Tires – Evergreen Winter Tires

225/40r18 (Square)

Suspension – Airlift V2 Air Suspension

Misc. – 20 mm Adapters 5×110 – 5×108, Cobb Block off plate, Boomba Bov, Maxton Design front bumper, 3 piece Splitter kit

Sponsors & Photography – Sponsors
Wickedly Boosted



Instagram – @honeyjdawg

Build Story – This was my second car I’ve ever bought. First turbo car so you could say it was definately a learning experience. My dream with this car is to create the ultimate daily. Wide, Bagged and boosted. I’m 2 ways there the last piece of the puzzle is happening this year with going wide so I am super excited to see how this build turns out in the end.

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